Magnetic Hooks

With our light-duty magnetic hooks and clamps, you can hang keys, pictures, indoor tools like scissors and knives, cleaning equipment like brooms and mops.

magnetic hooks

fixed hook

Standard Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks made of strong neodymium magnets and stable A3 steels. Strong magnetic force in both vertical and horizontal directions. Moreover, neodymium magnet hooks are easy to remove and easy to accessible, and are suitable for using indoors and outdoors.

swivel hook 180°&360°

Swivel Magnetic Hooks

Swivel swing magnetic hooks contains= powerful rare earth magnetic and could keep solid hanging for your objects. Also, their long hook arms moves 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically for maximum flexibility on its base for maximum flexibility and functionality in hanging. In addition, most of them are protected by scratch proof stickers, good for home, kitchen and BBQ.

Swivel magnetic hooks
eyelet magnetic hooks

eyelet hook

Eyelet Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks with eyelets and permenant neodymium magnets, offer strong yet removable adhesion. Thus, ideal for small spaces, they enhance storage capabilities and accessibility. However, due to their strong magnetism, if you plan to use these hooks on stainless steel refrigerators, we recommend placing a tissue or similar material between the magnet and the surface to prevent scratching.

fishing magnet

Fishing Magnet Kit

The neodymium fishing magnet with Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer plating and body stamping machining. Also, Shiny and rust-resistant coated steel cup protects the magnet and helps to prevent cracking. Moreover, It could help you use the fishing magnet set for a long time.

fishing magnet
rubber coated magnetic hooks

rubber coated

Red Magnetic Hooks

Heavy duty magnetic hooks, with the magnetic force from 50-90kg of different sizes neodymium magnets. Red Rubber protects the whole magnet body from rusting. Because of its huge magnetic force and perfect protection, it is a best choice for using in boat and in somewhere near the water.


Our Customers Want To Know

Can I use it non regular wall or wooden door or non magnetic surface & how?

These hooks can only be used on metal walls or doors. Please try our cup magnets or magnets with screw,but they screw into the wall or ceiling and then you you can use these and they have a very strong magnetic bond and will hold a lot of weight. 

Can use these on cars? Will they scratch the paint?

These magnetic hooks have a very strong pull for their size. We wouldn’t recommend their use on the exterior paint of an automobile unless you were careful enough to lift them straight off without dragging them. This could be hard to do. For that reason, we wouldn’t use them on a car.

Do these lose their magnetism if they get wet?

Only if the water is very hot. Magnets lose their gripping power with heat. They may temporarily lose some gripping power on wet vertical surfaces as we. In general, shouldn't be a problem. Heat can degrade a magnet's strength over time.

Are the magnet housings & hooks stainless steel? I want to use outdoors on my grill & don’t want rust?

No, the standard products are made of iron, but the iron are coated with nickle or other plating, so they are not easy be rusted in short time, may a year it will perform bad.