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The products related to strong rare earth magnets in the wolrd.

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Rare Earth Magnets

Rare earth magnets, the so called neodymium magnets or neo magnets are the world’s strongest magnets you can buy commercially. In addition, it is a permanent magnets while it offers the highest energy. Widely used in various fields, such as Electronic Field, Mechanical Field,Audio Field, and so on. Due to its outstanding performance among the magnet family, it becomes the most popular one. Find rare earth magnets supplier here.


Mounting Pot Magnets

This kind of products usually is very durable in normal daily use, as the rare earth magnets are protected inside the steel cups which greatly increase the longevity of the magnets. These neodymium cup magnets are various with falt magnets, countersunk hole and straight hole, or malethread, or female thread, which made of precision mechanical vehicles can meet diverse needs.

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Strong Magnet Hooks

Our rare earth magnetic hooks are comprised of a iron steel cup, a round or ring magnet and a hook. There is a wide region of shapes and magnet diameter size, form 6mm-136mm , which can meet every need. Because of perfect for hanging tools, they are widely used in cruise, home, workplace and office. No need to drilling holes, no bolt or screws, easy to install or remove and reusable. Thus, customers like them very much.


Magnet Sweeper & Lifter

Lifting magnets are capable of offering versatility and flexibility in handling various types of ferrous materials such as plates, sheets, bars, or components. They can lift, handle, and transport equipment of different shapes, sizes, and weights, making them suitable for a wide range of material handling applications.

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Magnetic Catch & Holder

The magnetic tool holder keep your tools and other metal objects organized and in one place. The magnetic bar takes very little space, and using it will help you get rid of messy toolbox, easily hold your wrenches, screwdrivers, spanners and keep them organized.


Magnet Push Pin & Badges

Name badge magnets use one or more powerful rare earth magnets, with 3M type, high quality ABS plastic plate or stainless steel plate, and will not easy to fall off. Due to its material , it is perfect for office, school, conferences, arts and crafts, hanging signs and posters, and attaching other accessories to clothing.

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Our Customers Want To Know

How to get more information of the products?

Down load our catalogue or contact us.We will reply you in time.

Do you customize my own design?

We did customize the magnets and their assemblies, which combines with plastic, rubber, silicone and metal. Go ahead to send us a letter with your files or photos, and we will feedback to you as soon as possible.

How about the roughly delivery time of the rare earth magnets?

Acording to the order quantity, usually is 20-45days.

Are they strong Neodymium magnets?

yes, of course. The products are all made of rare earth magnets, in other words, the main material is neoodymium, iron and boron.

Where are the products mainly sale to?

Our main market is Asia,Europe and the USA.

How to get a sample from you?

Contact us and tell us your detailed requirements. We will arrange it soon, and send it to you as promised.