How to pick up the right magnets for your projection?

The magnets which compose an application, you maybe not so familiar with. It will take a lot of your time to study and assess,that is energy-costing,although the knowledge will be obtained. Hereby we list key points for your reference of how to choose right magnets. If need any more help, feel free to contact us.

Before choosing the right magnets, you should figure out first three key questions which may influence you on making the decision.

Where do you use the magnets?

Do you plan to use the magnets at home, outside, in the air or under the water? Is the space the magnets fit inside or place regular? Smooth? Rough?Moreover, you need to think about what the magnet shape is required, it is a standard shape, such as round, block, stripe or square?or the shape is abnormal, such as triangle, trapezoid or irregular? Also, the magnet back need adhesive or not?Are there any restrictions or requirements on the weight or the volume?


How will you use the magnets?

The application of the magnets is one of the most important things need to be considered carefully. Just think about it a bit more time, before making the finial decision.Need the magnet to hold or lift? The place where the magnet placed is near the fire, close to the water, or electricity triggered?

What is your purpose of using the magnet?

  The magnets is intended to organize,hang, store or clear areas of debris? The magnets should be very strong? Will it need to push or separate? The magnets are used to as a decoration or toy? Will it be dangerous to the kids? How long and how often are you going to use the magnets?

If the above questions are answered, it is no hard in choosing the right magnets. However, think these now, if your are going to buy something. Which are the main considerations? As Acorn Magnet survey statistics and our customers feedback, top three is PRICE, QUALITY, SERVICE.

We surveyed about 2000 our customers and their customers, to get the bellowing statistics.









Price is the most important thing that should be considered when choosing. As usual, the better the magnet is, the higher the price is. This “better” not means the quality, means the grade,such as the working temperature, the max magnetic energy it can hold when the volume of each magnet is the same, and the physical characteristics, brittle or very brittle. Moreover, the grade N45 neodymium magnet is better than grade N35, not means grade N45 is the best choice, which is more suitable to you is the best.

Quality, it is hard to tell the quality difference before you receive the magnets, in addition, even if the magnet is near you, if you are a new buyer, it is hard for you to judge. Thus, are there any way for a freshman to learn quickly? Acorn magnet conclude several tips for readers, check our blog: How to judge the magnets better or not? If need more help, feel free to contact us.

Service, is also very important in choosing the right magnet supplier.We will also face these or those problems in this or that way, thus, a good partner will help solve them efficiently and timely. Never ignore the service because of the current price, for long-term, service is the most important thing.

To conclusion, choose the right magnet, follow three ways.

  1. Find out where to use the magnets.
  2. Make sure the magnet working condition
  3. Compare suppliers’ price, quality and service.

Finally, the decision can be made!

how to choose magnets