Block Magnets &
Cube Magnets

Powerful magnets in block shape, is the most common shapes in the world. The raw magnets super strong neodymium block magnets usually is cylinder shape and blcok shape, thus, make the finial shape in round and square shape is the best choice. The demand of rare earth heavy duty magnets is higher and higher, in result, to offer the best magnets both in quality and price is the most important thing in today's company.

block magnets

Block Magnets & Cube Magnets Features

Multiple options

Neodymium magnets come in different grades, corresponding to their magnetic fields’ strength, ranging from N35 to N52. Because of the increasing demand for people’s production and life, it is typical to find consumer-grade magnets in the N40 to N42 range. While in volume production, N35 is often used if size and weight are not a major consideration as it is less expensive.


Preferred direction of magnetization is axial.

block magnet magnetization



Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets, as they will not lose

their magnetism easily, or degauss soon. In addition, they generally

operate within the temperature range of -215°F to 176°F (-138°C to 80°C).


High-grade magnets are the better option for applications requiring a broader temperature range. Please visit our chart of material properties.

Block Magnets & Cube Magnets Applications

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