3M Adhesive Magnets &
Customized Magnets

The 3M Adhesive Magnets consist of neodymium disc magnets that come with a protective backing strip. To use them, all you need to do is peel off the protective backing strip and stick the magnets onto the object you want to attach them to.

3m adhesive back magnet

3M Adhesive Magnets Features


Acron Magnets can supply a wide range of customized 3M Adhesive backing Magnets according to requests.

– Utilizes a high-quality 3M 468/9948 adhesive backing for superior adhesion.

– Features a quick-release tab, allowing for swift and efficient liner removal.

– Crafted with the strongest magnet material currently available.

– Capable of operating at a maximum temperature of 80°C.

Customized Magnets Fearures

Customized magnets shape

We will produce magnets with various shapes and dimensions based on your drawings, including but not limited to step-shaped, runway-shaped, triangular, and bullet-shaped magnets. However, you can also simply tell us the desired shape and approximate size, and our engineers will assist in fulfilling your requirements.

customized Magnet Coating

The most commonly used coating for magnets is nickel-copper-nickel. However, to meet different usage scenarios, there are also demands for gold plating, black nickle coating, zinc coating,  colorful zinc coating, black or white epoxy coating, Teflon coating, and Dacromet. Acron Magnets can fulfill all these requirements for you. Please refer to our articles for more information about the advantages and disadvantages of various coatings.

gold coating magnet
epoxy coating magnet
arc magnets
black nickle coatinmg magnet

Disc Magnets & Cylinder Magnets Applications

use of 3M adhesive back magnet
use of 3M adhesive back magnet
use of 3M adhesive back magnet

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