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We are professional neodymium magnets seller and support custom sizes. So, we've made it our goal to serve each and every person by offering a range of budget-friendly rare earth magnets that are practical, yet functional.

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About Us

Who We Are ?

Acorn Magnet is the premier supplier for purchasing high-quality, permanent and rare-earth magnets. We can manufacture permanent magnets to your exact specifications in just a few weeks in prototype or production quantities, whether you require a complex assembly, or just a plain magnet in a size that we currently don’t stock.

We will always operate confidentially. Made-to-order magnets that have been manufactured by us are used by many companies and industry factories in some of the most demanding application

About Us

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Communication: We can explain a product or service in a convincing way with easy-to-understand terms.
Listening: We listen carefully to what customers say to meet their needs and make advises.
Patience:We spend a lot of time with our clients, to know what they really want to do or to have.

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Advanced & Specialized

Multi-wire saw

Cutting Machine

Airflow mill

Airflow Mill

Isostatic pressure equipment

Isostatic Pressure Equipment

Sintering furnace

Sintering Furnace

Hydrogen crushing furnace

Hydrogen Crushing Furnace

Multi-wire saw

Multi-wire Saw


About Us

What We Have ?

Expert Team: The presence of a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of experts is crucial in the production of high-strength magnets. These experts possess a deep understanding of magnetism and its underlying principles.

Advanced Equipment: One key reason for the ability to produce high-strength magnets lies in the utilization of advanced equipment. Cutting-edge technologies enable manufacturers to create magnets with superior magnetic properties.

Innovative Designers: The contribution of innovative designers cannot be overstated in the production of high-strength magnets. These individuals possess a unique ability to think outside the box and develop novel designs that enhance magnetic performance.


Our Customers Most Valuable Words

The delivery is super quick and the package is top-notch. This magnet is very good. The magnetism is crazy strong, I accidentally clashed two magnets together. It was a real struggle to take them apart. It’s a very good magnet, and totally worth the price.

The whole body is formed as a whole, and the curvature around it is treated very beautifully. The surface material of 304 stainless steel is also very advanced. There is no problem with magnetic adsorption, don’t worry about it falling off.

Very good, convenient and fast. You can suck it anywhere you want without using double-sided tape or taking it off at any time without leaving any marks. Highly praised.